Spring is coming…but it’s dragging it’s feet!

#37 Christine Roalofs passing through the crowds during the Anchorage ceremonial start of the Iditarod

#37 Christine Roalofs passing through the crowds during the Anchorage ceremonial start of the Iditarod

Much has happened since my last post, but only recently have I had anything Cabin-worthy to write about!

The last post I was looking forward (with some anxiety) to my friend Christine’s running of the Iditarod. I’m very, VERY pleased to say that she completed it in one piece and all of her dogs came home healthy. Although she got the Red Lantern (last place) she completed nearly 1000 miles of trail that even race veterans said was the worst they had ever seen. Warm temperatures created sloppy trails and dangerous overflow on river and lake crossings. When the temps finally dropped enough to firm up the trail, she was hit in the face with a blizzard. We were all thankful when her GPS tracker finally showed her in Nome…and NO ONE was more thankful than she was!

A few weeks ago I joined some friends for a vacation to wine country in California. Thanks to the incredible hospitality of a childhood friend of a friend, we were able to stay in a guest house in the middle of a private vineyard. The grapes were still teensy green specks, but the foliage was thick and green and glorious to us color-starved Alaskans!

We spent 10 days exploring and touring in the hot sunshine before coming home to our dirty grey city. Even the snow on the mountains is grimy looking this time of year, but each day a little more green shows up in the yards around town.

While we were in California I celebrated a milestone birthday. (50…gasp!) That’s all I have to say about that. (eye roll!)

This last weekend we did a quick dash to Kenai to pick up the motorhome. The camping season is upon us, starting with a big group campout in Seward over Memorial Day weekend, so we have some work to do to get Winnie cleaned up, flushed, charged and restocked. In spite of that to-do list, I managed to sneak away on Monday to run up to the Cabin.
Much, much to tell about that terribly brief trip, so I’ll save that for the next post…

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