Fading Summer days…

Well, I did finally get up to the Cabin for a weekend in August, which was a good thing because September was packed with other obligations and if I’m really lucky, I’ll be able to sneak away this weekend for a “closing it up” trip. 

Remember that beautiful fireweed in the last post? This is what it looks like now!

The August trip was productive though.  I used my little battery operated chainsaw (HAHAHAHAHA!!  I love my tools, but that one sounds so GIRLY!) anyway, used it to cut up a couple of downed trees that I had dragged back to my firewood pile.  Then…I actually made friends with Dad’s big axe. 

Yep, I’m a real Alaskan Woman now. 

I split all of the rounds I had cut up, and I was having so much fun that I dug out all the other old rounds from the bottom of the stack and split them too!  Kerwhack!  What a sense of accomplishment to hear that sound bouncing off the hills and see my wood pile growing…

This was one afternoon’s work and produced about 3-4 days worth of firewood in moderately cool temperatures. A real winter’s day would use about half the pile in Fatso! A more efficient wood stove will be in the new Cabin…

I also packed out some of the less winter-worthy food items this trip.  There’s plenty still there for a couple more weekend trips before the lake freezes up, but I don’t want to waste food that won’t survive a six-month series of freeze-thaws.  Things like rice, instant potatoes, tuna pouches, and ramen noodles stay year round, along with granola bars and other snacks. 

Two years ago I had company during my vacation at the Cabin, and my well-intentioned guests brought things like beer and wine and then left them for me.  I rarely drink except socially, so I put them away and of course forgot about them.  The next summer was my big flooring project and as I emptied the cupboard I found the wine bottle…minus its cork!  Luckily the “cupboard” is just a crate on an uneven floor, so the bottle was tipped up just enough that only a few tablespoons worth spilled when I bumped it.  Also lucky that the flooring was being replaced anyway!  I later found the cork clear across the Cabin near the firewood box.  That must have been some really cold weather to explode a bottle of wine that hard! 

Oddly, the beer didn’t explode, though I chose not to drink it.

Tea is more my speed, especially as the temperatures drop. I love the gurgle of the pot as the water heats.

I’m more careful since then to police my cupboards for explodables if I think I might not be back before winter.  Besides, it’s a shame to waste the wine!

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