Sunday, July 1-Monday, July 2

Sunday, July 1

49F this morning at 7am.  Very windy again/still, and heavy clouds obscuring the mountains.  Haven’t seen them in awhile!  The sun broke through this afternoon and I took advantage of the chance to do another big batch of boards.  They’re almost done.  I pulled the last of them out from under the tarp and laid them out to dry so that I can finish up tomorrow. 

In retrospect our tarping system wasn’t the best.  We had laid them on a small tarp and then wrapped the larger one over the pile, which resulted in puddling that couldn’t drain away into the soil.  So the top two thirds of the pile was dry, but the bottom was laying in water!  This is on-the-job training here… 

I got a shoe-full of water every time I stepped on the tarp to reach the pile of boards!

Chitters is finally relaxing and getting into his vacation here.  He brought me a mouse this morning and ate it on the deck…no dead animals allowed inside!  But either he still has a nervous tummy or he ate a shrew by mistake as he threw it up a couple of hours later.  Thank goodness for the easy-to-clean vinyl flooring I laid last year.  Yuck! 

The rest of the day was pretty lazy.  Momma moose and calf swam across the lake this evening from our blueberry bog over to the peninsula, but they didn’t linger there.  The camp was quiet today.  One of the advantages of taking my Cabin vacation over the holiday weekend is that the Camp schedule is usually light this week every summer.  They host some smaller events for older kids, but the rowdy, water-skiing crowds are gone.

Monday, July 2

48F at 6:30 am and still overcast, though at least the wind has finally quit.  Chitters has decided that I’m not getting up early enough.  He’s also figured out that if he wakes me up, I’ll let him under the covers and he gets some snuggle time to warm up.  At home, he hates being under the covers.  Unfortunately, his favorite method for waking me up is to lay on my chest and purr and drool onto my face.  Bleah. 

Momma moose came back across to the blueberry bog this morning but calf didn’t want to swim.  She paced on the peninsula for a few minutes, made a couple of false starts and finally gave up and came across.  She’s getting really big and swims like a champ! 

Huge commotion from the loons this morning and when I looked out, I saw a bald eagle on a strafing run over the nest.  Definitely two loon voices panicked and screeching, so I’m more confident than ever that they are guarding an active nest.  The eagle didn’t persist and they calmed down after awhile.  I’m having to recycle old loon pictures for these recent entries as they haven’t been very visible this trip.

The sun came out a little earlier today than yesterday, and had more strength to it.  I finished all but one side of a couple of the boards, and then spent some time stacking and organizing the dry ones.  Big thunderheads have been building up over the peaks on both sides of the valley, so the threat of wet weather isn’t gone. 

Momma and calf came from across the lily patch toward the peninsula this afternoon.  In the series of shots you can see that Momma stopped for a snack while the calf went on to shore.  But then the calf swam back to touch noses with Momma as if to say, “Hey, aren’t you coming?”  Finally they both climbed out of the water and disappeared into the trees.

The calf swims so close to mom that she must kick her occasionally!

yummy lilies…you go on ahead, I’ll catch up…

Mom…come on!

Mom? No, really…aren’t you coming?

Finally mom agrees to come out of the water!

My other big thrill of the day was a big helicopter flying low over the lake.  He made several large circles, up the valley, out over the highway and back over the lake and the camp, at least four times.  There is always a lot of air traffic in the valley.  Small airplanes are Alaskan commuter vehicles and there’s actually a small private runway across the lake near the camp.  But this helicopter was a first for me.  Seems like an expensive way to scout big game for a hunter and it’s early for that anyway.  My imagination was running wild…Search and Rescue (most probable); Hollywood location scout (hmmm…); advanced security detail for some VIP (ok, I read too much.)  With no way to get news, I’ll probably never know.

The sun ran away early tonight…cloudy to the west…and the wind picked up again.  I took a little walk to get kindling and to scout out my future building site some more.  I hope to get a builder up here in the next year or two, so I have to make a decision soon as to the exact location.

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