June 30 – Saturday

48F this morning at 7:20am.  Crystal blue skies overhead, and although the mountains across the valley were covered in clouds at dawn, they soon broke through and the clouds moved back into the deep valleys between the peaks.  High winds today – not just breezes.  I went out first thing this morning and dumped kitty litter on the moose carcass, causing a panicky swarm of maggots to erupt out of the litter!  Ewwwwwww!  Later as I was hunting for kindling I saw robins all over the place near there and realized the exposed maggots were becoming lunch!  And by the way, the kitty litter did the trick as far as the smell.

Sunshine (temps again up to 70F this afternoon) and wind are a perfect combination for working on the deck boards today.  I got over a third of them done in addition to finishing up the joist boards that I had started last weekend.  It’s slow going with no dirt-free work surface.  Even if the existing dock weren’t partially under water, I wouldn’t trust it to hold while I work, so I’m on the marshy shore.  The dock is beyond springy – I keep expecting a foot to go through the rotted plywood every time I have to stand on it for any reason. 

It's not supposed to be a "floating" dock!!

You can see why I need a new dock! The water-ski boat swamps this one all the way to the shore with its wake.

I really look forward to being able to take my camera and binoculars and a mug of tea down there in the mornings like I used to do.  I used to sit there for hours watching the lake and the mountains and talking to the loons…

I took this one last year

I’m glad I got so much done on treating the deck boards today as the clouds have really moved in fast on this relentless wind.  I thought I felt a raindrop or two as I was tidying up the deck and gathering firewood for tomorrow morning.  It could be a wet day tomorrow.  I finally saw some moose this evening.  A cow and calf came out of the trees to the east across the lake and walked the shore for awhile before heading back up the hill.  After she had disappeared, a little yearling bull showed up on the peninsula directly across from the cabin.  He browsed for a few minutes, did a little dance and ran back into the trees.  The wind has died down as evening approaches, and I suspect he was getting harassed by the flies.  Hopefully he will make another appearance when the light is better for a picture.

I haven’t seen much loon activity, though I have heard one calling late in the evenings.  My friend who lives in the camp community told me that swans vandalized the loon nest a couple of weeks ago, so she wasn’t sure there were even any loons still here. 

I wish the swans at the Cabin would pose for me like these ones did

They’re beautiful but noisy and apparently not good neighbors to the loons!

I was able to assure her that I had seen and heard at least one.  My hope is that the pair that nests here has been able to lay another clutch of eggs.  That could be why I haven’t seen more than one at a time.  They’ll be taking turns sitting on the nest until the chicks hatch.   None of my bird books gives information about how long from laying to hatching, so I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed…

Tomorrow if the weather cooperates I will hopefully finish water sealing the deck boards. 

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