A new dock

Well, since I’m behind on posts I will back date this one to June 8. 

I have been looking forward to my first big run to the Cabin all spring.  A couple of weeks ago, on my way to help friend S. retrieve her camper from her cabin a few miles away, I stopped in and just walked the trail quickly to reassure myself that the roof had survived the record snowfalls.  I set up my new trail cam (more on that later) in the window, picked up some picnic trash left by thoughtless hikers, and hiked right back out.

This week I have been frantically shopping every night after work, but the big shopping event had to wait until today, Friday.  I met S. at Home Depot and found a young man to help with my new dock.  He not only designed it on their computer, he cut all the pieces for me and laid them out on the floor so that I could see how it needed to go together.  I have a new appreciation for building costs after this little adventure!  They loaded S.’s truck – and I do mean loaded – and after a stop for last minute groceries we headed off. 

I should confess here that while we were in the grocery store, S. pointed out to me that I (we) had forgotten that my car was still at Home Depot!  Much belly laughing over that one! 

By the time we got to the lake a light sprinkling of rain was beginning.  We hiked in, got the boat and S. chickened out and walked back out while I rowed across.  We loaded the boat with as much of my groceries and dry goods as we could, including my new composting toilet, and I went back across, fighting a terribly stiff wind all the way.  I elected to not try to carry the lumber in the wind, so we unloaded it onto a tarp, covered it with another tarp and parted company for the evening.  She went on to her cabin and I went back to begin the chore of hauling goods up from the dock to my cabin. 

It wasn’t long before I gave up fighting the wind and rain.  I left waterproof items at the foot of the hill and fixed a quick dinner of Ramen noodles before settling myself in front of the woodstove for some quiet time with a book.  The fresh air and exercise kept the book time short and since I needed to get going early tomorrow, I let myself go to bed early.

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