A confession

Blogging is a new game for me, and one where I really don’t know what I’m doing!  All evidence to the contrary, I really did write a post when we came back from Homer.  I had bunches of great pictures that I tried to add.

Here’s where the confession part comes in…WordPress ate some of my pictures, mixed up my captions and deleted a large chunk of my written post.  Just to show them (always a nebulous “them” involved…) I threw myself a very satisfying little tantrum and hit the red “X” in the corner.  Since that time, a shockingly long time ago as I just realized, I have been procrastinating a return to the blog attempt.

As if the WordPress frustration wasn’t enough, my computer proceeded to disappear all of my pictures from that trip.  Sighhh

Bear with me.  We had a great trip and I will reload those pictures and post them…no…really…I mean it this time!

Small boat harbor in Homer a few years ago. More to come...

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