It’s still winter here!

The weather here in Anchorage has been warming up a bit. After subzero temps for most of the last three weeks, 30F is balmy. I know it’s only February, but the more I write about the Cabin, the more I look to the longer days and the warming weather as indicators of spring coming. Sigh…Phil already predicted another six weeks of winter. Little does he know…in Anchorage we can double that.

Frosty afternoon on Cook Inlet

 The above photo was taken on a recent trip to Kenai to visit my parents.

I have embarked on a huge project of scanning old photos and negatives into my computer.  I hope to be able to share some shots of past Cabin trips with my family and friends soon.  Meanwhile here are a few winter shots to keep me grounded in reality!

Moose on Funny River Road - taken two years ago on a road trip. This placid lady looks like she may be expecting. She was unconcerned about the car stopping next to her and soon went back to munching the willow branches. The temperature that day was between 10 and 20 degrees below zero! mmm...frozen willow favorite

Alaskans get used to having their shrubbery “pruned” every winter by our ungulate friends.  We had a little bull moose camp out in our back yard a month ago.  A rotted pumpkin had been left on the flower box and that’s like a special treat for a moose.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me at the time!

Hoar frost on the brush - Funny River Road

 Until the next post…stay warm!
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